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burnedbylax 1994 to today

"burnedbyLax" started as a hobby but evolved into a mission. I'm Michael, and my journey with lacrosse began in 1994 when I started stringing lacrosse sticks to address pocket issues. Growing up in a butcher shop on Kent Island, Maryland, I used butcher twine for stringing, learning the craft through frequent repairs.

“After a dozen seasons as an NCAA assistant coach, I took a year off, questioning my love for the sport. However, just one season away made me realize how much I missed it. In 2016, I resumed stringing and noticed rising lacrosse product prices. I also observed that players couldn't progress with mass-produced strung heads from big box stores.”

“burnedbyLax" is my way of giving back to lacrosse. I aim to make the sport affordable for everyone, regardless of location, income, or skill level."

"burnedbyLax" operates with the heart of a non-profit but with a larger budget. It aims to make lacrosse accessible to players of all backgrounds while educating them about the sport's rich history. By offering high-quality equipment and stringing services at competitive prices, the company is poised for success in the growing lacrosse market. With a focus on customer service, strategic marketing efforts, and operational efficiency, "burnedbyLax" aims to be a trusted and influential partner within the lacrosse community, fostering a sense of unity that contributes to the sport's overall growth and accessibility.





Warehouse Manager

My name is Addi, and I am the Warehouse Manager for burnedbylax. My role involves ensuring that everyone has what they need, such as stickers or ball stops. I enjoy doing this while watching TV, so I have something to do while cutting stickers. Throughout my life, I have always loved serving others in any way I can.

Research & Development Manager

I'm Thaddeus, and I work in R&D, which stands for research and development. My role involves evaluating if different types of heads/sticks are suitable for players. I play for Team Ten and do not participate in rec leagues. Additionally, I handle stringing and unstringing. Overall, I contribute to burnedbylax's growth in various ways. My nickname is Ti, derived from the initials of my first and middle names.

Chief of Staff

Lauri is the Chief of Staff for burnedbylax, ensuring smooth operations and stepping in wherever needed. With a passion for lacrosse, she is dedicated to keeping everything running efficiently.

burnedbylax team


Michael is a proven leader in the non-profit sector with over six years of executive management experience. As an energetic community member, Michael excels at helping others fulfill their potential. His strengths include business management, budgeting, grant writing, and fundraising. He is highly skilled in volunteer recruitment and possesses strong conflict and crisis management abilities. Additionally, Michael is well-versed in counseling, program development, cross-functional leadership, and is technologically savvy.

In his professional experience, Michael served as Director of Advancement at Meadowbrook Christian School, where he managed fundraising initiatives and oversaw marketing efforts. As Executive Director at Join Hands Ministry, he significantly increased grant income, volunteer engagement, and community support, transforming the organization into a vital community resource. He also revitalized multiple programs and non-profits. His academic background includes a Master of Arts in Theology from Liberty University and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Child Development from Whittier College. Among his notable accolades, he was named Perry County Non-Profit Leader of the Year in 2018 and one of Central Penn Business Journal's Top 5 Leaders of Excellence in 2020.

Additionally, Michael has served on several boards, including the YWCA of Greater Harrisburg VIP Advisory Board. He was appointed by Perry County Commissioners to the Perry Cumberland Counties MH/IDD and Tri-County Community Action Agency, demonstrating his commitment to community service and leadership in various capacities. Michael is also an Eagle Scout, reflecting his long-standing dedication to leadership and community involvement from a young age.

In 2023, Michael was diagnosed with Autism. Since then, he has adjusted his activities to better align with his needs and well-being, demonstrating resilience and adaptability in navigating this new chapter of his life.


Michael's coaching journey began after he graduated from Whittier College in 2002. Starting with his local club, the Kent Island Comets, now known as Kent Island Youth Lacrosse, his passion for coaching ignited. Fast forward to the 2013 season, while serving under the esteemed Stewart Moan at Susquehanna University, Michael found himself coaching against Salisbury in the NCAA tournament—the same team he once played against during his time at Whittier College. It was a full-circle moment, as Whittier College reached the same bracket placement during his playing days.

In 2023, Michael was officially diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum. Lacrosse wasn't just a hobby; it was an accessible and appropriate coping mechanism.

Growing up on Kent Island and tending to my Aunt Trudy's estate at Great Neck, I was surrounded by the legacy of R.V. Truitt, Aunt Trudy's father. R.V. was the first head lacrosse coach at his alma mater, the University of Maryland, from 1919 to 1927, and was inducted into the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1959. Today, this legacy continues to resonate in everyone touched by R.V, including Michael. Through burnedbyLax and, more significantly, in Michael and Lauri's lives, as well as their children, Addi and Ti, and every player and family encouraged, equipped, and educated in the Creator's game, Lacrosse.

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