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Get your old head refreshed or your new head strung up.  Here's the process,

  • Email us at to let us know what you're sending us and when.

  • Before Shipping, please write on a piece of paper write the following,

    • Name, Address to mail completed head to​

    • Height, Weight, Age, Years of Experience of Player

    • Pocket Style (example: high, mid, low, etc)

    • Mesh Style (Soft, Semi-Soft, Semi-Hard, etc)

    • Color Variations of Strings and their placements (Top String, Sidewalls, Shooters, Cords

    • Other information, regards to brand preference, style of shooters ( example: 1 cord and 1 shooter or 1 cord and 2 shooters, etc)

  • Ship to bbL: 15057 Route 235, Millerstown, PA 17062​

  • When we receive in head(s) in the mail we'll let you know.

  • Time: Once we recieve the head and let you know, our turn around is 3-4 days but could be up to 7 days if it's during Lacrosse season.

  • Before we Ship Back: We'll email you back pictures and test the head to let you know how it throws and to make sure it looks like the way you desired.

  • Cost: Owner of head pays for shipping to and shipping back.  Cost is usually around $15 to $50 depending on materials.

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