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NEW Complete Lacrosse Stick w/ Element Onset Head Strung w/ Semi Soft Mesh w/ Mid Pocket.



Great channel for Attack or Mid. Moderate amount of whip with great hold and accurate channel.



Throat designed to be fitted around any shift to prevent wobble, yet not too tight. This throat design has horizontal screw holes that are angled for head to shaft best retention. No rattle with the Element Onset. 2x USA Made self tapping screws included.



The Onset utilizes aggressive offset technology to bring you an innovative head with the ultimate balance of durability and finesse. A lipped scoop starts the head off and helps to better control ground balls at all angles. On that scoop are symmetrical and perfectly placed top string holes for a well-centered mesh. This progresses with Element’s tube tech, which creates consistent weight displacement for better strength and a constant shape. That top half of the head is all severely offset from the throat in order to assist with ball control. This is not only for when you are cradling the ball but also for ground balls. An offset this intense, plus a lipped scoop means less bending over and more speed.


ECD Head Review:



Platinum Alloy. Twice as strong as traditional aluminum handle. Made from high grade aluminum alloy and formed into our exclusive Kung Fu grip shape for ultimate stick control. The Platinum alloy is one of the best selling handles of all time. Rounded edge colour shape fits naturally in embroidered on your hands for a comfortable and snug fit. Made from durable, Platinum Plated Alloy Material.



All weather performance so your pocket stays consistent and performs better throughout its lifetime.

Complete Lacrosse Stick w/ Semi-Soft Mesh

$149.99 Regular Price
$79.99Sale Price
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